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Grateful, Abundant, EARTHEART

Hello EARTHEART family & friends!   We have some exciting news to share!!  Together with the help of many of you who were able to be a part of our ‘Wild Horse Solution’ Adoption Day Fundraising Event (on National Help a Horse Day)… WE WON THE ASPCA GRANT AS A RESULT OF OUR EFFORTS!!!!   We
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EARTHEART and Wilderness Ranch Joined Others Across the Nation Celebrating Help A Horse Day

The ASPCA designated April 26th as National Help A Horse Day and EARTHEART and Wilderness Ranch joined others across the country to raise awareness and funds for our ‘Wild Horse Solution’ cause. For opening ceremony some of EARTHEART’s youth learned and sang a native prayer song.  Serving Acai Bowls from our Sponsor Sambazon   Vendors,
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National Help A Horse Day

We are celebrating National Help A Horse day with the ASPCA on April 26th!  With this day marking a significant milestone in our progress for our ‘Wild Horse Solution‘,  we will be demonstrating the first Mustangs to have moved through our training program.  This event is also relevant because ‘adoption events’, such as this, are
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They Have Arrived

The Wild Horse Solution

With heartfelt thanks to the support of family and friends we’ve been able to move the Wilderness Ranch Wild Horse Solution initiative forward… have received our Mustangs and the training has begun. We took a trip up to the BLM holding facility in Ridgecrest and picked up these 2 good looking beauties, a Sorrel and
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