EARTHEART and Wilderness Ranch Joined Others Across the Nation Celebrating Help A Horse Day

The ASPCA designated April 26th as National Help A Horse Day and EARTHEART and Wilderness Ranch joined others across the country to raise awareness and funds for our ‘Wild Horse Solution’ cause.

Involving our youth is the key to change and sustainability.  They are the next generation. – Buddy Silversmith

For opening ceremony some of EARTHEART’s youth learned and sang a native prayer song.

2014-04-26 14.02.31

 Serving Acai Bowls from our Sponsor Sambazon2014-04-26 13.36.32


Vendors, Artisans and Musicians Support the cause bringing beauty, good vibes and a portion of their proceeds…

2014-04-26 14.53.59

Architectural Furnishing by Gabriel McKeagney

Gabriel McKeagney 

2014-04-26 13.36.49

Author Audrey Pavia swapping horse stories.

 Audrey Pavia

2014-04-26 17.50.17

Beautiful leather work bracelets from Lee Confer

 Lee Confer

Parker Macey sings the blues for us.

Parker Macey sings the blues for us.

Parker Macy Blues

Barefoot Kindred

Barefoot Kindred

Barefoot Kindred

Throughout the day we watched these two artisans create two different yet equally stunning renditions of mustangs.  Both are still available to bid on in our silent auction until May 2, 2014 just email your bid to

Artisan Michael Kershnar – “Lady Mustang”

2014-04-26 14.43.08 2014-04-26 13.36.43


Lady Mustang by Michael Kershnar Valued at $3000 – last bid of the day $400
You can still bid on this till May 2, 2014 by emailing



Charcoal of Mustang by Ryan Heimbach

2014-04-26 14.40.29 2014-04-26 13.37.48


Charcoal of Mustang by Ryan Heimbach Valued at $2500 last bid of the day was $375.  Still taking bids at until May 2, 2014

Charcoal of Mustang by Ryan Heimbach Valued at $2500 last bid of the day was $375.
Still taking bids at until May 2, 2014


Friends of EARTHEART enjoyed trail rides


Horse Demonstrations

Food and drinks Donated by Ruby’s Diner and Sambazon

And of course the main attractions

Travis Brown and Scooter


2014-04-26 14.55.39


2014-04-26 14.57.59


And the adoption of Ripley

Ripley's new family

Ripley’s new family

See full story at Stu News

Volunteers feeling good at the end of the day

2014-04-26 19.30.442014-04-26 19.14.26

2014-04-26 20.04.24

And so step by step we do our part knowing that our intentions help to paint our world into something more beautiful, something we can feel proud to pass on to our next generation.

We are so grateful for the donations and participation of all!  Thank you for making this a wonderful day and helping us to raise awareness of this worthy cause.

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