About Us


EARTHEART is an organization committed to wellness, sustainability and education…

Fueled by a strong desire to see the global “Socio-ecosystem” back in balance we created EARTHEART (a Fiscally sponsored 501c non-profit). We are headquartered on Cove Crest Farm in Montgomery Creek, Shasta County CA.  We are currently designing systems, building out infrastructure and farming the land as we move toward establishing a living example of a regenerative farm homestead.

We are land stewards and sustainablity activists who believe, that in making accessible and sharing the healing powers of the nature experience, we can help to re-install an understanding of the importance of our natural resources and a respect for the earth.

Time spent in nature reminds us that we are all connected – our survival and ability to thrive depends on an understanding of this. We aim to inspire a respect & love for the environment and in turn create momentum towards a more sustainable future.

We will further our nature preservation and sustainable living objectives by developing collaborative opportunities and establishing partnerships with individuals, organizations and build community to fuel the movement.  We will identify and pursue initiatives related to our mission, raise awareness and fundraise in support there of.

 Our mission:

To design solutions, educational exhibits and develop models… demonstrate sustainable living principles, core values and practices aimed at fueling the evolution toward a more sustainable future for generations who follow.