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The wild mustang– spirited, free, determined and noble–is considered by many to be a living symbol of the American West.  Sadly, a recently reported 50,000+ head are currently confined in holding facilities, and the need for a solution is blatantly apparent.  The National Academy of Sciences recently completed a study on the wild horse situation and has concluded that there is an imbalance.  While the larger question of how to manage this problem is debated, the BLM has been appointed responsible for removing these animals to keep ecosystems in balance.

We have been collaborating with Wilderness Ranch for the past year and a half, submersed in research and development while putting together our ‘Wild Horse Solution’ proposal.  Wild horses, once gentled and trained, make reliable mounts, and are used for both competitive and recreational riding. In the short term, adoption is one answer to reducing the number of wild horses in holding facilities. Our intent is to increase the number of annual wild horse adoptions, and to meet and exceed the long-term objectives of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro adoption program, utilizing our unique location, innovative approach, and wealth of knowledge.

Wilderness Ranch is located in the coastal mountains of Southern California. Family-owned for 35 years, the facility is primarily a working horse and cattle ranch. We have assembled a team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals who have come together to support the BLM effort to develop a “sustainable solution” archetype: a model engineered through our facility design, training methods and marketing strategies, with the well-being and safe/humane handling of the animals of utmost importance.

With many thanks to the generous support of concerned community we’ve been able to move the Wilderness Ranch Wild Horse Solution initiative forward and are currently conducting a ‘proof of concept’ phase while we anxiously await for another RFP (request for proposals) grant opportunity to be posted once funds are again made available. We have been taking steps and continuing to model our program with hands on experience… are grateful to report our first successful adoption to a loving family and success in establishing a foundation upon which to build. We are producing an event April 26th on National Help a Horse Day to bring together community, celebrate our progress and raise funds to enable us to continue our efforts in support of this initiative.

Visit www.wildhorsesolution.org for more info, email info@eartheart.be if interested in attending the event or with any questions or comments.  If inspired to support this cause, donate with a note ‘Wilderness Ranch Wild Horse Solution


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Wilderness Ranch Wild Horse Solution (fundraising event)  - National Help a Horse Day  (April 26th)

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