National Help A Horse Day


We are celebrating National Help A Horse day with the ASPCA on April 26th!  With this day marking a significant milestone in our progress for our Wild Horse Solution,  we will be demonstrating the first Mustangs to have moved through our training program.  This event is also relevant because ‘adoption events’, such as this, are an important aspect of our marketing strategy, and we will be celebrating our first adoption to an excited family!

With ambitious spirits, we are taking advantage of the ASPCA’s national running of a competition held to ‘help a horse’.  Successful execution of this event can result in receiving additional grant prizes in the name of our cause!  Coincidently we have also just been informed that the BLM is anticipating posting of a ‘Grant RPF’ (requests for proposals), which means additional support, and therefore help in getting more wild Mustangs out of holding facilities.

The event will be programmed with presentations, demonstrations and activities based around education regarding the Mustangs and our related program.  A highlight of the day will be a showcase of what talented trainer Travis Brown has accomplished working with one of our wild Mustangs.  Travis is participating in the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition which takes place just weeks after our event and will be premiering, for us, his routine for the competition.

This is an opportunity to learn more about Mustangs, and how these ‘wild horses’, once gentled, can be trained to make great companions, work in service, and can be used for competitive and recreational riding.